Texas summer nights

They're generally good for two things:

1 - Sweating

2 - Car meets

In Texas, if the temperature reads less than ninety the sky is generally trying to befall apocalypse by way of wind, hail, and water. Most wouldn't even think about going outside at night for recreation purposes if that number should fall below sixty; perish the thought. This leaves suffering through wilting night time temperatures and mosquitos big enough to get FCC registration numbers in order to enjoy a proper automotive get together. I had he pleasure to attend Cars & Coffee in Irving Tx, which proved to be an incredibly relaxed and eclectic affair. The full photo set can be found here (prints and digital downloads available.)

The early bird gets the worm.

In an otherwise empty and uninteresting parking lot, I was greeted with this fantastic R32 GTR. Getting to shoot this car before the crowd rolled in was a treat

R32 + Rays = A perfect, if not ubiquitous combo

Intercooler goodness

American car design in the mid 1960's struck a perfect balance between the modernistic extravagance of the 50's and the pumped up masculinity of the early 70's. The chrome wings and bullets became subdued, classy flourished. And while most cars were certainly not small but modern standards, they had yet to attain the gross monstrous hulking forms we would find a decade later. This 1966 New Yorker was a one year body style, and it elegantly wears the best design cues of the time.

I will always take time to gawk over an FD RX7. Yes, Mazda managed to create a sports car that somehow proved less reliable than its British forbearers, but who cares. Look at it. This car is a master class in timeless design language, and wonderfully eccentric engineering.

Speaking of British sports cars, its always a joy to see representation from across the pond, especially at meets attended by a median age under 50...

This MGB looked to be well used and properly loved. As a sports car should be.

Its a strange thought, that once upon a time some of the best handling cars got it done with leaf-sprung solid rear axles. And get it done the MGB did.

In an ever increasingly Mopar flavored muscle car world, Mustangs provide a shapely contrast to Ford's boxier competition.

For fifteen entire minutes I thought attendees were, confusingly, passing up an empty parking spot. Miatas are small. Dollar for dollar its hard to find more entertainment value than one, however.

Oh yes, I did mention Mopar didn't I?

This is a fractional offering of what the meet had in attendance. You have to give it to them though, Dodge/Chrysler have captured the essence of the 1960's in a modern package which remains unparalleled by their competitors; Familiar yet new, aggressive yet playful. The absurd numbers of these things they sell, along with an even more burgeoning aftermarket, is telling they they've struck a chord with the muscle car lovers.

Who'd have thought that late 80's/early 90's JDM culture would ever become a niche section at a car show? I see fewer and fewer representations of a scene that once dominated the automotive enthusiast world like few other have. Gone are the flamboyant simulacrum of Japanese racecar design, and what remains are generally tasteful examples of a unique aesthetic mostly lost to modern 'pre-tuned' enthusiast cars.

And then there's this. And I love it.

Many thanks to the organizers of Cars & Tacos. I look forward to attending more!